Studio 9

by Ihor Shuhan Music

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released November 9, 2015

Music and lyrics written by Ihor Shuhan.

Recorded by Ihor Shuhan at Moving Muse Productions.

All instruments played by Ihor Shuhan except drums.

Produced and engineered by Ihor Shuhan.

Cover Artwork by Ihor Shuhan

Cover Design by Ihor Shuhan



all rights reserved


Ihor Shuhan Music Accord, New York

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Track Name: The Waterfall
and every time that you smile

i smile inside

and your kiss on my cheek

is all i need

your heart is turning to gold

but i am already sold

my love is always for you

no, its never through

welcome to the waterfall

o-oh the wall

a million miles to your love

and even more for me

sure its worth every step

and more you see

i feel your hand is pulling me

through the grey

i feel that we are on our way

it's hard to say

welcome to the waterfall

o-oh the wall

welcome to the waterfall

o-oh the wall
Track Name: Patterns In Black
give me my pieces back

i will be fine

give me my pieces back

you know they’re mine

patterns in black and my

shoes are untied

patterns are always the

pay for the ride

living on water my eyes

cannot see

living ain’t easy

unless you are free

sorry to see how my friends

got away

chaotic actions are

only for me

and though my lovers gone away

i think about her every day

no one is on lower floor

think about her on the radio

and though the wind is gone for sure

we’re on the level by the door

55 seagulls on

Cadillac Street

rain on my TV

I’m under the sheet

posters of people inside

with they’re wives

pose there or walk back to

run for your lives
Track Name: Day In A Life
Singin to sun

Laughing everyone

Walking down Main and kicking a stone

Wind is in my hair

People everywhere

Thinkin’ bout the moment, what do I care

Ahhhhh, what do you need from me

Ohhhhh, what can you do to me

Danny sits inside

Crying out his eyes

Sad to be alone I will confide

Needs a little friend

To help him out again

To show him how to love life till the end

Passing time away

Spending everyday

Living slow motion what do you say

Ahhhhh, what do you need from me

Ohhhhh, what can you do to me

Ahhhhh, what do you need from me

Ohhhhh, what can you do to me
Track Name: DR.BT







Track Name: When You Leave Me (Just Close The Door Behind You)
Looking at the window

The sun is coming through

The blurry vision

You know I’m feeling good

Relax my body

Put down the mind its too

Too busy thinking

Sit down now look at you

I close my eyes and

Try to dispel the room

And focus nowhere

My head can fall for you

Ahhh Ahhhhh...

And when you leave me

Just close the door behind you

I’m sitting dreamy

Nothing can turn me over

This world can fuck off

Don’t need to think about it

And it don’t matter

I’m on another planet

Put on the music

It wants to speak to me

I’ve got to listen

For it to make me see